Let your freak flag fly…

It's about damn time.
It’s about damn time.

We have been witness to a truly historical ruling from the United States Supreme Court. 

The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruled that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states and that everybody should go out and marry somebody of the same sex so as to shut up all the bigots. Okay, maybe that second part isn’t true, but the first part is.

And that is awesome!

I’ve always considered myself to be tolerant when it comes to gay people. When I was a kid, my mom owned a beauty salon and the featured hairstylists were all flamboyantly gay. I will admit that at first I was a little nervous and scared, because I had never been around people like that for long stretches of time like I was during those few years. More often than not after school I would to to my mom’s salon and hang out there in her office or out front because I didn’t want to be a latchkey kid and didn’t want to be alone all the time, so I would go to the salon and just spend some time there. So, along with the hairstylists, a lot of their friends who would stop by, and a lot of their customers were also gay. And they were all lovely, and they were all flamboyant, and they were all hilarious, and they were all super nice.

Because I spent a lot of time there, I was also witness to a lot of the negativity and discrimination they were subjected to. People would refuse service, people would straight up be mean and vicious to their faces, people wouldn’t tip just because they were gay, and a whole bunch of other awful things that those of us who live in Mexico are well used to, unfortunately. We aren’t known to be discreet or tactful with our remarks, and all of us have friends or relatives who are hardcore. Just last night, one of my closest and dearest friends surprised me by his vicious comments regarding gay marriage, and while I viciously disagree with what he said, he will always be my friend, because he is a human, who’s flawed just like me, and because he has to be accepted and tolerated just as much as everybody else.

I think that’s what it boils down to. Everybody on this planet is struggling with their own shit, yet we feel compelled to waste so much time thinking about everybody else and hating people just because of their skin color, their religion, their gender, their sexual preference, the kind of car they drive, and all that insignificant, petty, bullshit. Why should we be made miserable because somebody is in love with somebody who happens to be the same gender? If anything, we should be happy that two people are in love, no matter what, because there isn’t much love to go around, and if two people manage to find it together, then let them be happy!

I find it fascinating that people want others to share in their own misery. If people are miserable, then they feel obligated to spread that misery around and make others miserable, instead of letting people just live their own damn lives. We don’t know anything about anybody, really, yet we pretend we do, and we go out of our way to be assholes and stupid.

I think the SCOTUS’ ruling on gay marriage is awesome, and fantastic, and groundbreaking, and it is a moment in history that we are lucky enough to be living. At the same time, it’s also kinda sad that it has to be such a big deal, and that the struggle has gone on for so long. It shouldn’t be a big deal that people of the same gender want to get married, and yet it is, because a frustratingly large number of the population still believes that gay marriage is unnatural. But it isn’t. Because love should never be unnatural, and love should never be questioned. Love should trump it all, and love should always be more powerful than hate.

So don’t hate, everybody. Don’t hate people based on their sexual orientation, or on the color of their skin, or on whatever imaginary creature who may or may not live in the sky they worship. Time is too valuable to be wasted on something so ridiculous. We’ll all be gone pretty soon, and we should spend our time finding what makes us happy, not finding what makes other people happy and hating them because of it.

Look at the rainbow flag, and look at how bright it is, and look at all the lovely colors. We should all learn a thing or two from that flag and from the people who wave it so proudly. We should all display one of those flags, whether we are gay or not, because it isn’t just about the legalization of gay marriage.

It’s about all of us. It’s about love.

It’s about damn time.


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