And now for something completely different…

omg a BUNNY
omg a BUNNY

Look at that bunny. LOOK AT IT. That bunny makes me angry. You know why? Because it is so damn cute. It is so damn cute I want to both hug it to death and punch it in the face repeatedly. Look at that face… look at that nose… look at the goddamn little tiny hands!

Goddamn you, bunny.

There’s this big hubbub going around here in my part of the world because Donald Trump announced he was running for president and then he ranted and raved and said some ridiculous shit about everything. One of the things that he said was that instead of building a fence along the border, he would build another great wall, and that he would make us Mexicans pay for it… or build it… or something like that. To be honest, I didn’t hear exactly what he said for the following reasons:

  • I’m an intelligent person, and I know that Donald Trump is an insane asshole who only goes on TV and makes these ridiculous proclamations because he’s an attention whore of the worst kind.
  • It’s Donald Trump, who’s an insane asshole who…. (see above).
  • He doesn’t have a chance in hell of even coming close to winning the nomination, let alone the presidency.
World's biggest and richest asshole.
World’s biggest bag of douche.

Donald Trump is just being his typical, idiotic self, which is the way a lot of people in the United States think, unfortunately. There are some truths in the world that some people may find uncomfortable, which apply to those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be from the United States or white.

A lot of (white) people from the United States are elitist, boorish, and don’t like people who aren’t like them. That is why they like to insult those of us who come from different countries or who are painted a different color than they are. They like to put us down and denigrate us because even though a lot of people like us call the United States of America home, we weren’t born there, which means (of course) that we are inferior, and that our race is inferior, and that we are lazy, and that we’re just sucking off of Lady Liberty’s teat, and so on and so forth. They like to make up insulting words to put us down, and they like to flaunt whatever it is they think they have that they think is superior to us.

Which is fine. Really, it is. I know a lot of people from the United States think they are better than the rest of the world, and a lot of them aren’t afraid to shout it from the mountaintops, which is also fine, and I guess in a way is weirdly patriotic.

Which again, no problem.

I am also patriotic, I love my country and think my country is great, I’m just not an asshole about it. I’m not going to put you down to make myself bigger or make myself better than you or feel that my country is superior to yours (although, fuck you, Chile… really)*. And I get that some people do, and I get that Donald Trump does it, and that bitch Ann Coulter does it, and a bunch of right-wing Republicans do it, and aren’t afraid to go on TV to spew so much hateful drivel about other countries and foreigners and homosexuals and transsexuals and everyone who does not fit their fucked up view of what a typical American has to look like. Which in a way is what is most amazing about all this stuff that goes on. People who have a platform to actually say something meaningful and something that can actually help people and promote harmony and love and tolerance and all that good stuff go out of their way to use that platform to spread this vitriol and hate and anything but tolerance and harmony.

So let’s not get too pissed at Donald Trump. He doesn’t know any better. He’s playing the role of the arrogant and brash American perfectly. He has billions of dollars and is on TV a lot and has a platform to say whatever he wants, and a lot of what he says could be hurtful and could make a lot of people angry, like he made a lot of Mexicans angry these past few days. But this guy doesn’t really matter, folks. He will never ever be a nominee for the US presidency, let alone actually become President. So what he says doesn’t matter at all.

If anything, we should feel sorry for Donald Trump and his ilk. They deserve our sympathy, not our hate. Because when we start to hate back, that’s what gets them off, and that’s when they win. Because that’s what this is all about, really. They want the volume turned way up and they want people shouting at each other and drowning out any coherent thought or discussion about anything important, which is a damn shame.

The next time you hear Donald Trump or somebody like him say vicious and hateful things about you, or me, or a race, or a culture, or anything, don’t get mad, and don’t click on the “comment” button and type out an angry retort in all caps. Instead, just turn it off. Click on that little X, or the pause button, or just keep scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed and look at picture of cats or dogs being cute and dumb and goofy.

You’ll feel a lot better.

* I do not hate Chile.


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